Welcome to The Fired Up Entrepreneur where you will be given the step-by-step to become a POWERHOUSE of POSSIBILITY and learn to stop wasting your time, energy and money.

We’ve all seen the business transformation stories from the other women who took this 6 month intensive program, and NOW it’s YOUR time to be the NEXT success story.

Our six month business program is for you if:

It’s time to hit the ignition button to reLAUNCH your business towards
success and profitability!

There's a reason why thousands of women trust The ReLaunch Co…


Led by Hilary DeCesare, award winning business expert of 20+ years and certified NeuroCoach, we specialize in taking away the overwhelm by giving you the simple steps to bridge what's in your heart, bringing it to your head, so that you can consistently show up as your higher self. The success of your business starts with you, which is why this acclaimed program is unlike anything else out there.

We work side by side with you through dedicated sessions to help you build the necessary mindset to become a confident leader and create a lifestyle and business overflowing with possibilities. Women find one of the most supportive tribes out there within this program, and some have even said that it’s not really a program, but rather a process - a process that started out on the right foot, in the right way, with the right team and community supporting their every step.


Isn't it time you got πŸ”₯FIRED UP?!?


Save yourself the confusion and overwhelm on WHERE to start, HOW to start, and WHAT actually WORKS... Because in The Fired Up Entrepreneur you'll only learn the proven foundational elements and steps that you need to know when navigating the changed business landscape.

"If I can impress upon anyone interested, I would say take that step and sign up. If you over analyze, you're going to remain in the same place and continue to be stuck where you are. It worked for me. I am now actually excited about what my future holds for my business, immediately knew what to do and how to do it. My revenue went from $0 to $10K in less than 60 days! The support of the women in this group has been life-changing."

L. Rothschild
Philanthropist + Owner Rothschilds



🚫 Scattered and feeling often like you're not owning up to your true potential or the potential for your business

🚫 Clueless on where to start or what to do next, in order to have and grow a successful business that is both rewarding and generates revenue

🚫 You're suffering from imposter syndrome - you're second guessing whether you are good enough or worthy of having a successful business

🚫 You’re bouncing around like a pin-ball from one task to the next with no clear plan - just hoping and wishing things will work

🚫 You're constantly making costly mistakes when it comes to the crowded online marketing space that could have been avoided had someone showed you what to do

🚫 You know what you should do, but don't know HOW to put it into action immediately

🚫 You know you need and would benefit from accountability, but don't know where to find others that understand you, your business, and will inspire you

🚫 Like you're constantly wasting your 2 most precious commodities... TIME and ENERGY!!

Why do so many women say that
The πŸ”₯ Fired Up Entrepreneur was the single most reason for their business success?

Because this exclusive signature 6 month business program
doesn't just illuminate the path for you with the right steps,
it also teaches you the right order, helping you build a
solid business foundation that results in long-term growth and success.

It's a PROVEN process and the women who have taken the program GET RESULTS.


Do you know where you are or where you're going? We get to the C.O.R.E. of business and your role in it to build a strong foundation that's essential for lasting success.


Using our proven ReLaunch Method, we teach you how to make the $, keep the $, and GROW the $ with a step-by-step plan customized to YOUR monthly and quarterly goals.


You'll be part of an elite group of women coached by award winning Neuro and Business Coach Hilary DeCesare as well as her team of experts - the accountability you've dreamt of!

"ReLaunch has fostered a desire to grow beyond my wildest dreams - a desire TO dream - a belief in fact that dreams DO come true! So much so I manifested: A TRIBE of like-thinking inspirational women with beautiful giving self-less hearts who I now call my friends. A BELIEF in myself and my abilities. A PORTFOLIO of manufacturers that didn't exist prior to The Fired Up Entrepreneur - a symbiotic partnership with these dream accounts. An ARSENAL OF TOOLS that I never believed in before - meditation, time off, pleasure in the littlest of things, and best business practices! Thank you can never suffice for everything this program has brought but hopefully I can pay it forward to other women!"

Louelle C.
Owner - Infinity Sales Force

Raise your hand if you're ready to...


βœ… Work side by side with the experts to create a focused plan with easy to follow steps that highlight your Zone of Genius and put it INTO ACTION.

βœ… Learn and have the mindset needed for confidence, growth and abundance in all areas of your life.

βœ… Have a connection to OTHER like-energy female entrepreneurs who will inspire and support you EVERY WEEK.

βœ… Discover who you need to BE, and what you need to DO in order to HAVE what you're after.

βœ… Start to stand out in a sea of sameness and understand your unique offering in your market.

βœ… Master lead generation and marketing aimed at profitability like a seasoned pro.

βœ… Own your power and confidence in your leadership abilities to become a smart & savvy CEO.

βœ… Have the SUCCESS you knew you and your business were CAPABLE OF & DESTINED FOR the moment you launched it!


Meet your personal coach and success advocate!

Hi! I’m Hilary, and I’ve been in your shoes... In today's noisy world it's hard to know who and what to listen to. Sure, I've run award winning businesses before, been on an episode of ABC's The Secret Millionaire and several other major networks as a Business Expert, and coached high-performing athletes as well as 8 and 9 figure Silicon Valley C-suites. But when it came to running my new business venture The ReLaunch Co, well if I'm being honest, I felt overwhelmed, scattered and a bit lost in the shifted online world.

So what did I do? Started running everybody else's race, figuring because I'd had success before, I could eventually outrun them or get to the finish line first! Worse yet, I had no idea where the finish line actually was - ha! But I kept running, harder and faster, doing, doing, doing. Hoping I'd eventually get "there." To the land of profitability and success.

After hitting roadblock after roadblock, it hit me... there HAD to be a better way. And if there wasn't one, I'd combine the best of the $100K+ I had invested in courses, coaching, and certifications with my extensive business foundation knowledge to create a new path. Eventually, I developed an easy to follow, READY to implement, signature method for any FIRED UP female entrepreneur, teaching her to how to OWN her success and become a POWERHOUSE OF POSSIBILITY! 

"I knew what I wanted and who I wanted to serve. But the ReLaunch program has helped me discover my true vision, create a business plan for my virtual platform and how to bring it revenue. I have refined my message and taken the leap of faith I needed for my business to bring it to the next level."

Rosemarie P.
Coach, Trainer & Consultant

Now there's a BETTER way to LAUNCH or RELAUNCH your BUSINESS...

Take a sneak peek at what we’ll cover in our signature six month business program:


It's most likely pretty clear to you that you want to own and run a profitable business. But how clear are YOU on what you are selling or offering? How it stands out in the marketplace? What your target avatar (customer / client) actually wants? Why they should be buying or using YOU? What your personal and professional WHYS are when it comes to why you even have or want a business? We dial in and get to the core of your WHO, WHY, WHEN, WHERE so that you have a solid foundation for a successful business as well as a viable plan.



Everyone wants to make the money, keep the money, grow and IGNITE the money... but do you really know how to do this within YOUR business? Have you taken a look at your beliefs, mindset, or process around this? We'll cover this from A - Z and why this is one of the most single important things any business owner should be focused on when launching or relaunching a business, especially if you're aiming for lasting success.



Is it time to look at (or re-look at) effective ways to generate leads, set KPI's and other growth measures that will have the most impact on your profitability in the quickest possible time-frame? It probably is, as how most people are running and operating their business (VIRTUALLY!) these days has DRASTICALLY changed in the past few years. Learning effective time management could be the difference between not only being productive... but SALES and PROFITABILITY! We'll look at the top ways to own your time as well as develop a blueprint for time spent IN and ON your business (CRITICAL!) and teach you how maximum productivity paves the path to business success.



We all know what marketing is, but do you know what ways you should be effectively marketing to stand out in a loud and crowded space? We'll go over the essential and "virtual world" ways you should be focused on maximizing your marketing efforts, as well as cover the things you can and should be doing NOW! We'll also give you the blueprint to social media, web, and traditional marketing on how to lay out and develop an easy to follow plan that runs vs. it running you.



One of the most intregral parts of having any profitable business is sales. No matter WHAT you do or WHAT you sell - it is and SHOULD BE a primary focus of any viable business and its owner. But it's not just about ringing up or getting the sale - it's the process and psychology behind the SALE (or sale that didn't happen!) that is the most important to understand and decode in order to have a profitable business! We'll look at the science behind buyers and potential clients, as well as discover personality styles to build a strong team, so that you can develop a thoughtful strategy on how to effectively track, predict and ultimately increase current and future sales!



Owning and running a business requires you to step into a leadership role. For some this comes easy. For others this will present a learning curve. For ALL it will be a continuing learning process! We'll highlight the top ways to quickly learn the behaviors, insights, and top ways to increase confidence to bring your "A" game to your business, your team, and in your marketplace or field of expertise.


"My kids were getting older and I wanted a change for the next part of my life. Before ReLaunch I was not aware of how my self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I really thought I was doing great. The program helped me realize there is no ceiling unless I set one. I got clear on what success looked like to me, learned what I needed to do, was held accountable and now I have the lifestyle I was after! The women in the group are SO inspiring"

Debbie M.
Educational Psychologist and Entrepreneur