For female entrepreneurs making 6 figures...

Discover 5 Failproof 'Brain Hacks' To  Influence Buyers And 10x Your Sales Online

Get the 3HQ™ Sales System created by former Silicon Valley CEO turned serial entrepreneur to build and consistently scale million-dollar companies...


Join Hilary DeCesare June 15-20 at 8am PT / 11am ET for the Scale Your Sales Challenge


 Discover 5 Failproof 'Brain Hacks' To Influence Buyers And 10x Your Sales Online

Get the 3HQ™ Sales System created by former Silicon Valley CEO turned serial entrepreneur to build & consistently scale million-dollar companies


Join Hilary DeCesare June 15-20 at 8am PT / 11am ET for the LIVE Scale Your Sales Challenge

 What you’ll learn in the LIVE Challenge...

Establish A Dominant Position In The Market for your service to win the influence of high-quality buyers

Scale Your Sales Through Story-Selling with your sales-provoking message and a high-converting pitch rooted in psychological principles

Develop A Millionaire Mentality so you can keep growing ahead of your business as it scales and 3x your confidence as a CEO

Get The Proven 3HQ™ Sales System To Sell More, Earn More AND Break Records... WITHOUT Working Crazy Hours Or Stressing Out To The Max

...Faster & Easier Than Ever Before!


DAY 1 🗓️ Millionaire Mentality: What it really takes to scale to 7-figures

We’ll kick off this challenge by showing you the power of psychological power levers to call in a steady stream of high-ticket sales. You’ll always bring in as much revenue as your current mindset and actions allow for. Unlock the subconscious secret weapons of the "million dollar mentality" and accelerate your sales towards a scalable business.


DAY 2 🗓️ Magnetize to Monetize: Attract Your High-Quality Leads

Don't demand attention—Magnetize It: Now that you've identified your role as a 7-figure sales generator, it’s important to call out to the right people. Using this breakthrough power lever, you'll learn to become so captivating that you magnetically attract your ideal client who is ready to buy. We'll take you through the #1 differentiator between attracting high-quantity leads and high-quality buyers– your unique internal positioning strategy.


DAY 3 🗓️ Conveying Conviction: Refine Your Sales-Provoking Message

Now that you’ve magnetized the attention of high-quality leads, you’ll need to convey that you can meet their next-level needs. It’s time to position your offer as the stand-out-solution– and with conviction! Learn the psychological buying triggers of your high-quality leads and leverage these to deeply strengthen your messaging around your offer.


DAY 4 🗓️ Objection Obliteration: Win the sale before you ever pitch

By proactively challenging and overcoming objections before even presenting your offer, you'll multiply your close rate and be in complete control of the sales conversation. Imagine confidently holding all the cards and delivering a pitch that effortlessly convinces your leads to take action. With these key tactics at your disposal, you'll never stress about the outcome again.


DAY 5 🗓️ Stories That Sell : Offer Delivery Secrets

Stories are the ultimate window to connection and conversion. We’ll reveal the proven strategies for crafting a compelling story that will genuinely persuade your leads and sell out your high-ticket offers. But that's not all - we’ll also show you the best practices for pitching your offers in a way that inspires trust and loyalty, so you can confidently extend the invitation to buy.


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Meet Your Host, Hilary DeCesare


With over 20 years of performance coaching and sales experience, Hilary DeCesare has built 4 multi-million dollar businesses, following her success in raising $250M for Silicon Valley tech giant, Oracle, and earning the prestigious ranking of Top Sales Producer Worldwide.

She’s well known for her international bestselling book, ReLaunch! Spark Your Heart To Ignite Your Life that was recently included as a favor in the 2023 GRAMMY® gift bag.

Hilary has appeared on many major television programs including ABC’s hit show, The Secret Millionaire, and other networks like Pix11 and CBS.

As the founder of The ReLaunch Co. Hilary helps entrepreneurial women simultaneously scale up their professional and personal lives with her proprietary 3HQ™ formula, relaunching the way women-owned businesses are run.

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