ReLaunch Retreat Blasts Off in....










Awaken your highest self and ascend to the next level of possibility!


Be a pioneer of the 3HQ Movement by touching down on 75 acres of sacred Colorado ground to ignite your own path to success! In the 3HQ you will connect with your heart and your emotions, get out of your head and create empowering habits, and elevate to your higher self.

The ReLaunch Retreat is an intimate, soul-expanding experience that inspires deep-rooted growth, fulfillment and possibilities alongside 30 other women… and the best part? This fresh-aired environment allows you to escape the distractions of your daily routine so you can actually make some real headway. It’s time to take a collective leap forward and be the force that inspires a life of confidence, connection and clarity!

This will be the experience that awakens your truest potential.


Join us April 28-May 1 in Boulder Colorado

* we are capped to 30 guests total in addition to our team - we will gladly add your name to a cancellation waitlist or waitlist for the 2023 retreat.



This is for you if you want to...


✅ Hear the inspirational and pivotal stories from leading women in the entrepreneurial space who experienced breakthrough success after (unknowingly) embodying the ReLaunch secret sauce


✅ Get premier insight to the soul-expanding tool that today’s female powerhouse carries + learn how to use it yourself: The 3HQ Method™


✅ Build close connections with like-energy women who share your past, your present journey and your hunger for a fulfilling future in a judgment-free environment


✅ Create a 3HQ lifestyle to live by to allow yourself to have transformational relaunches in all areas of your life



Your home away from home...

at Chatauqua Park | Baseline Rd & 9th St, Boulder, CO 80302


Missions House 

Built in 1911 to house young women attending the Rocky Mountain School of Missions, the Missions House Lodge is a special place for family gatherings and corporate retreats. The lodge, with its Arts & Crafts interior and furnishings, features a spectacular great room with a stone gas fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, eight guest rooms with private baths, downstairs powder room, and screened-in front porch. Learn more.

Mary H. Galey Cottage 

The Mary H. Galey Cottage was designed by local architect John Blanchard for the Hindman-Galey family in 1925. Guests can unplug, surrounded by spectacular views of Boulder and the Flatirons, while enjoying the period furnishings, catering-grade kitchen, large dining area, baby grand piano, and surround sound music system. Learn more.

Chautauqua Dinning Hall 

A splendid combination of indoor and outdoor space imbued with historic charm the Chautauqua Dinning Hall can cater to your every need! Learn more.

Chautauqua Café + General Store

Pick up a coffee and snack at the General Store and enjoy it at the Café while taking in the panoramic Rocky Mountain views. Learn more.

Cozy Colorado Cottages 

Nothing beats a cozy cabin in the mountains. The 1, 2, or 3 bedroom cottages are perfect for retreats. Guests can relax in the furnished living room or take in the view from the screened porch. A full kitchen accommodates both ambitious meals or quick snacks for those on the go. Learn more.

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Inspirational Speakers

Dr. Jacalyn Buettner | Award-winning Chiropractor + Brain Health Advocate

The 3HQ—How does it relate to your body? Gain a deep understanding of how your body is a unified collection of energy fields, and learn a simple 5 minute reset routine to keep your energy both humming AND aligned to correct the imbalances within, with the goal of improved health and increased energy.

Jennifer Takagi |  | Executive Leadership + Soul Care Coach

The 3HQ—How does it relate to your emotions? Emotions are an energy source within us that all too often become trapped. In this session, you will learn to release emotions that are keeping you from leading with your heart! Allow your heart to lead you, and you'll stop struggling and find the fun, fulfillment and financial growth you crave.


Daily Schedule

Your pathway to feeling like anything is possible.



4:00pm - Ladies arrive and settle into cabins

5:00pm - ReLaunch Tribe cocktail party for ALL retreat attendees with heavy apps

7:00pm - VIP wine pairing dinner with Hilary and The ReLaunch Team at St Julien
(transportation will be provided)


FRIDAY 4/29:

7:00am - Morning Hike meet at Chautauqua Ranger Cottage

9:30am - Retreat starts with coffee/breakfast, introductions and clarity Intention setting

10:30am - Session 1: What is the 3HQ Method

11:00am - Session 2: The 3HQ- Getting into your Heart

12:00pm - Lunch in meeting hall and afternoon break

1:00pm - Session 3: The 3HQ- Getting into your Heart continued

2:00pm - Break and free time

2:15pm - Choice of break out sessions

3:00pm - The 3HQ- Getting out of your Head

4:00pm - Break out session

4:30pm - Dr. Jacalyn Buettner, Award-winning Chiropractor + Brain Health Advocate

5:15pm - Break and free time

6:15pm - Transportation to Hilary's House

6:30pm - Exclusive Book Pre - Launch party



8:00am - Morning yoga w/ Wendy McGee

9:00am - Light breakfast

10:30am - Session 1: The 3HQ- Getting into your Heart continued

11:30am - Break

11:45am - Session 2: The 3HQ- Getting out of your Head continued

12:30pm - Lunch in meeting hall and afternoon break

1:30pm - Session 3: The 3HQ- The Higher Self Lifestyle

2:30pm - Break

2:45pm - Interview with Dr. Roberta Sengelmann, Board Certified Dermatologist

3:30pm - Group exercise

5pm - Break and get ready for dinner

6pm - Wine tasting and dinner at Chautauqua dining hall



7:00am - Silent experience hike

9:00am - Continuing momentum

9:30 - Breakthroughs and brunch

11:30am - Retreat ends

12pm - Departure



Frequently Asked Questions

Your lodging will provide coffee, snacks, a fully equipped kitchen and is steps from the general store.

Parking is tight at check-in, but each cabin has their own driveway or parking spaces.

We will provide a salad at the mission house. Restaurants are minutes away and UberEats is available.

Once you enter Chautauqua Park, check-in will be at the 900 baseline and a team member will greet you.

Pens and notebooks will be provided. You will only need a laptop if you choose to work during the daily breaks.